What to do when you have a flat tire?

When you have a flat tire, it is always convenient to be able to complete a tire change yourself. To begin with, make sure all passengers get out of the car. Take for example the 2022 Honda Civic, as in most cars, the spare tire is in the trunk with all the necessary tools.

Just remember that if you buy a used car, it is better to take 5 minutes to check that you have everything you need.

How to install a spare tire in 15 easy steps?

  1. Remove the toolkit from the trunk and then unscrew the spare tire.
  2. Place it next to the damaged wheel, making sure you have the jack, the bar to lift the jack and the wrench.
  3. Take the jack out of its box and place it under the car. It's important to place it in the right spot, as shown by Steven in the below video. Place it under the doors on a solid metal pressure point.
  4. Once properly positioned, take out the tools to lift the jack high enough, but not too much. You want the tire to still be touching the ground.
  5. Take the wrench and loosen the nuts. But don’t remove them.
  6. Go back to the jack and lift the car until the wheel doesn’t touch the ground anymore. Make sure you have enough space so you can pass your hand under it.
  7. Loosen and remove the nuts completely.
  8. Remove the damaged wheel. If it’s stuck, just hit the top of the tire a few times to get it to fall off.
  9. Align the spare tire on the wheel hub.
  10. Screw the nuts back on in a criss cross order.
  11. Lower the jack until the wheel touches the ground but is not at its lowest point.
  12. Take the wrench and firmly screw the nuts once again in a criss cross.
  13. Lower the jack to its lowest position so that you can remove it from under the vehicle.
  14. Take a moment to place the tools back into their box and put it back in the trunk where you found them.
  15. Put your damaged tire in the trunk.

You can now hit the road again.